Mission / Vision

FiredUp Creative, LLC is a boutique design and web agency with a focus on small to medium-sized enterprises. Our vision is to become a long-term design partner and resource you count on. We have chosen to remain a specialty agency to develop and deliver custom solutions, growing with you, adapting as your business needs evolve. The mission of FiredUp is to become a trusted creative partner, providing a consistent spark throughout your business growth cycle.

We Grown and Adapt With You Every Step of Your Business Journey

Solopreneurs and small businesses face unique challenges. FiredUp Creative has the insight and experience of a trusted long-term creative partner. We are the fuel that ignites your business. Because we know every budget is different and every business is distinct, FiredUp Creative aligns its versatile growth model to current and future needs. As as an entrepreneur, I understand what your business means to you. Your business is your life savings, the livelihood of your family, and represents countless sleepless nights. We recognize you have a myriad of options. This is why we take great pride in establishing trust, demonstrating flexibility, and dependability.

Most of All, We Deliver Results


The butterfly is a symbol of change and evolution. As business owners, we evolve and transform ugly problems into much needed solutions, creating something beautiful the world needs.  Most people think we’re crazy and don’t understand the relentless mindset and work ethic it takes to build something from nothing. Entrepreneurs work tirelessly for reasons greater than ourselves. Much like the butterfly, we morph into something beautiful with a resilience only other butterflies understand.

“I’m Going To Fly” Said The Caterpillar. Everyone Laughed, Except The Butterflies.



Founder | CEO | Creative Director

Patricia Hernandez grew up with an entrepreneurial mom. Always in some kind of shop, helping out not only to pass the time, but so the family wouldn’t have to take work home. For years Patty saw how hard her mom worked and how much help she needed. As she got older, this experience motivated Patty to help other hard-working entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls and struggles that her mom faced.

Patty received her education in Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management, and Commercial Spanish from DePaul University in Chicago. This led Patty on a career path of assisting businesses with growth and development. In this “do it all yourself” environment, she become a bridge between business and creative.

With over 18 years of experience in business development, 21 years as a graphic designer, and 14 years as a web designer, Patty established FiredUp Creative, LLC to provide custom creative and business support for entrepreneurs.

In her free time, Patty enjoys various creative pursuits such as crafting, photography, and videography. Her passion for assisting others to achieve success and make a positive impact fuels her drive to help entrepreneurs succeed. She fuels her inspiration with chocolate, laughter, and naps.

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Patty celebrating her 8th birthday in one of her moms craft stores. Pictured: her mom (in white), brother (in checkered brown), dad (taking the photo), and customers.



Executive Assistant

Mary Corder is a highly experienced executive assistant with over 35 years of experience. She is a highly approachable professional who gets fired up by focusing outside of herself, ensuring a positive impression. She is determined, confident, and well organized, which is evident in her time management and multitasking skills.

 Mary’s goal is to help clients succeed, always provide service with a smile, and find a solution to every problem. This attention to detail and problem-solving skill is fueled by quiet days at the beach, her granddaughters, good friends, and being the best person she can be. Mary loves to create jewelry and spending time creating something new with her granddaughters.



Rhonda is a seasoned webmaster with over two decades of experience in the industry. With a wide range of expertise in installing, hosting, managing, securing, and designing WordPress websites, she has helped countless customers achieve their goals, from launching personal blogs to creating e-learning platforms.

Her vast knowledge and tireless energy drive her to empower others to pursue their dreams with a powerful online presence. Rhonda is inspired by real-life stories of perseverance and determination, and finds fuel in her hobbies, such as reading zombie-related books, watching zombie movies and listening to audiobooks. Rhonda is passionate about what the day has in store and is always fired up to take on new challenges.


Graphic Designer

Alonzo Zamarrón is a Chicago-based graphic designer with a passion for art, design, and music. With 9 years of experience in the field, he specializes in print design, illustration, photography, videography, animation, and website design.

Throughout his career, Alonzo has been driven by his curiosity and insatiable appetite to create and innovate, regardless of the medium. He loves collaborating with surrounding community members, business entrepreneurs, small businesses, and ethical organizations to bring their ideas to life.

A spark is the beginning of ideas and designs coming to life, and Alonzo’s approach to design is rooted in experimentation, creative problem-solving, and an understanding of the client and their audience. He is fired up by working with passionate people on their projects and tackling interesting challenges and ambitious ideas. To spark his own creativity, Alonzo plays the guitar and continually pushes himself to go beyond the horizon and reach his goals.


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Founder | CEO | Brand & Messaging Strategist

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