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Patricia M. Hernandez

Founder | CEO | Creative Director

Patricia Hernandez grew up with an entrepreneurial mom. Always in some kind of shop, helping out not only to pass the time but so the family wouldn’t have to take work home. For years Patty saw how hard her mom worked and how much help she needed. As she got older, Patty wanted to help other hard-working entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls and struggles that her mom faced.

Patty studied Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management, and Commercial Spanish at DePaul University in Chicago. This led Patty on a career path of assisting businesses with growth and development. In this “do it all yourself” environment, she become a bridge between business and creative.

With over 13 years of experience in business development, Patty launched FiredUp Creative, LLC in order to work more closely with entrepreneurs. She will re-launch Print Magic, LLC as a community where ????


There’s more to FiredUp than our great design. We have a solid technical foundation, work with you as a creative business partner, finding solutions for all your business needs. ?????

Mary Corder

Executive Assistant

Mary Corder has been an executive assistant for over 35 years. Capable, determined, confident and well organized.  A highly approachable individual who has a pleasant attitude and willingness to make a positive mark. 

Knowledge of office management systems and procedures. Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Mary’s goal is to help clients succeed, always provide service with a smile, and to find a solution to every problem.

Rhonda Norman


Rhonda Norman is a webmaster with over 20 years of experience working with customers looking for anything from hosting personal blogs to launching an e-learning site. She specializes in installing, hosting, managing, securing, and designing WordPress websites.  Rhonda uses her vast knowledge and tireless energy to encourage others to follow their dreams with a powerful web presence and is inspired by true stories of inspiration and perseverance. In her free time, she likes reading, listening, and watching Zombie movies and audiobooks.

Alonzo Zamarrón

Graphic Designer

Alonzo Zamarrón is a Chicago based graphic designer with a passion for art, design, and music. He specializes in print design, illustrative work, photography and videography, animations, and website design.

Throughout his career, Alonzo has been driven by his curiosity and insatiable appetite to create and innovate regardless of the medium. He loves collaborating with surrounding community members, business entrepreneurs, small businesses, and ethical organizations.

A spark is the beginning of ideas and designs coming to life. It’s going beyond the horizon and reaching one’s goals. Through experimentation, creative problem solving, and an understanding of the client and their audience, I give the brand life.


In a world full of chatter, a well-told brand story can cut through the noise and set you apart. The Relatable Brand helps you uncover your unique story, express it in words your ideal clients will understand, and tell it in ways that influence and inspire.

Lisa Schell

Founder | CEO | Brand & Messaging Strategist

Lisa Schell is the CEO of The Relatable Brand, a brand communications consultancy based in Naples, FL. For more than 25 years, she has helped clients meet or exceed their marketing goals by combining creative thinking with data-driven best practices to deliver high-impact brand messaging and cross-channel communications.

Before launching TRW, Lisa held progressively responsible positions at Gartner,
an S&P 500 firm, in the Marketing and Brand Strategy organization’s in-house agency. During that time, she led the Content Solutions and Marketing Communications teams through multiple product and brand messaging initiatives, including style guide development and digital content rollout for a corporate re-brand following a major acquisition. 

Prior to her tenure at Gartner, Lisa played strategic roles on the creative and account teams at The Voice, a B2B advertising agency, and as a writer and independent marcom consultant for corporate and not-for-profit clients. 

Lisa earned her B.A. from Duke University and her M.S. in Journalism from Quinnipiac University.


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There’s more to FiredUp than our great design. We have a solid technical foundation, work with you as a creative business partner, finding solutions for all your business needs.

  • Technical Solutions – 90%
  • Business Solutions – 90%
  • Creative Solutions – 100%

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